tisdag 31 juli 2012

12 weeks to go

So, I'm in week 28 all of a sudden and there are only 12 weeks to go. Time is flying but I'm still feeling great even though I'm getting heavier. Luckily no heart burn, indigestion or back pain yet but I know that could change from one day to the next. F and I have bought some baby stuff during our holidays and even though we have some smaller things left, we're pretty set (I think). I'm worrying about needing this and that of course, but I think the best bet is to take it easy and to just get these small bits and pieces when the baby is here.

The baby is kicking away and you can see (and feel) its movements clearly just by looking at my belly. I'm so curious about the person inside of me, I'm dying to get to know her ♥

Below are a few pics from Kolmården when I'm messing around with Elias, he's so interactive now and such a joy to be around. I love spending time with Kim & Lisa's kids, can't believe I'm having one of my own in October!

måndag 30 juli 2012

Lunch @ Rökeriet

Saturday, myself and F decided to go to Fjäderholmarna to have lunch at Rökeriet in the sun. I hadn't been there at all this year and I just love the food they serve and it's so nice to sit outside if the weather is nice which it was on Saturday. There were a lot of people on the island but we managed to get a table when we got there (F rang them while we were waiting for the ferry to come and pick us up). I had the salmon and then we shared a blueberry pie for dessert - it was yummy! I was so full for many hours afterwards, only had a sandwich for dinner when we got home ;)

Today I have been in town all day by myself, I walked around in the shops and had a lovely time. Got a few bits and pieces and enjoyed a lovely Italian ice cream in the afternoon. Tomorrow I'm heading in again, the boys are playing golf and myself and Maria are going to do some shopping together :)

söndag 22 juli 2012

Lunch @ Mälarpaviljongen

This morning was lovely so I was actually sunbathing on the balcony for a bit while F went to the driving range at Ulriksdals Golfklubb. I also scrubbed the bathroom (it really needed to be done!) and cleaned up a bit. When F was back we decided to head to Mälarpaviljongen for lunch, I haven't been there at all this year and I always pay that place a visit. It wasn't as warm as it was this morning but we enjoyed a burger and a salad and afterwards we went to café Vurma for a coffee.

This evening we have cleaned up a bit more and it is time to start packing again since we're going to Åland tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody over there and the weather is supposed to be nice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday :) Hopefully we get to see the kids as well (Elias and Benjamin)!

On Friday it was my birthday - thanks everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes - and F had organized a surprise for me. In the morning he made me breakfast (he baked scones :)) and then we went to Yasuragi Hasseludden for some relaxing time together. I have never been there before and I really enjoyed the time in the water :) The dinner was lovely as well that we had before we went back to our room. I had a lovely birthday with my darling - thanks a lot, I love you! ♥

torsdag 19 juli 2012

Nice weather and golf

This morning I had to go over to my apartment since a photographer was coming over to take some new shots of the newly renovated bathrom (I'm finally getting there!). F and I have done a good bit of cleaning in the last couple of days to get the bathroom and the apartment in a condition for viewing again. It was the same guy that came over the last time that took the photos this morning as well. He had them taken within a few minutes so now I just need to talk to the estate agent to get everything ready for the first weekend in August. I really hope that I'll be able to sell the apartment now and hopefully with a bit of profit. Fingers crossed!

The weather has been gorgeous today and F wanted to do 9 holes at Bromma Golf so we went up there to have our lunch before we headed out. I didn't play this time but I walked with F to give him some support. The sun was out all the time and I got a bit of a tan :) Now I'm really tired so I'm resting on the couch while thinking about what to bake with my new Kitchenaid machine that was delivered last week :)

tisdag 17 juli 2012

Kolmården with the kids

Today we have been at Kolmården zoo with Kim, Lisa and the kids. We were quite lucky with the weather and there were only a few rain drops during the day. It was such a lovely day and the kids had a lot of fun, especially Benjamin. Unfortunately we didn't get to go to the safari as the queue was so long and would have taken an hour and twenty minutes - crazy! Elias is getting bigger and bigger and I really enjoy playing with him, he's so happy all the time ;) Missing them already but luckily we get to see them next week again when we go to Åland. I keep my fingers crossed the weather will be nice so that we can spend a few days over there.

F and Benjamin in the swing at Kulmården ;)

On our way back from Kolmården Maria gave me a ring and asked if we wanted to come over for coffee so we did :) We sat outside in the sun and she gave me an early birthday pressie since they're going to England tomorrow. Will be hard not to open it until Friday ;)

söndag 15 juli 2012

Car trip and catching up with friends :)

Yday we rented a car and decided to take a trip to Bray, Powerscourt gardens and Glendalough before we headed over to the Murphys for dinner. We had a long but such a lovely day. The weather was quite nice and we enjoyed a walk in Powerscourt gardens before we had lunch at the terrace cafe. F had never been there before so I decided to take him there. I think he wishes he brought the golf clubs though ;) Neither of us had been to Glendalough, it was beautiful around there as well. At the Murphys we got to play with the kids (I finally got to meet them) and then we had dinner together. It was great to catch up with them all (the Bradys were there as well) and there were a lot of laughter. I miss these guys and wish I could see them more often!

fredag 13 juli 2012


We're enjoying ourselves in Dublin and the weather is actually not as bad as I thought it would be. After a couple of days of shopping (mostly at Penneys of course) we're now taking a break and heading up to casino marino this afternoon. We have booked a car for tomorrow so that we can go to Powerscourt gardens and Glendalough. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a whiskey store and my baby bought some of his favourite ;) Tonight we're heading out to Joel's where we're gonna have dinner with the girls. Looking forward to it!!

tisdag 10 juli 2012

Yep - it's growing

Time's flying and I'm now in week 25 (+1). My belly is growing quite rapidly and the scales show that I'm putting on weight too ;) Luckily I'm feeling fine and I don't have any back problems or any other problems yet anyway. The baby is kicking away every day and it' so lovely and assuring, I know that everything is ok then :) The other day we when we were in Vallentuna, Lisa gave me some baby clothes and it felt so unreal when I sat down in the evening to fold them all. Can't believe we're actually having a baby!!

I haven't taken any notes about the pregnancy, however we try to take some pics of my stomach week by week. In short you can say that I've had a very good pregnancy so far and I'm so happy that everything is going well. Here are a few words about it:

Week 4: Finding out that I'm pregnant, sharing the news with F was such an amazing thing!
Week 6 - 14: Feeling sick constantly, from early morning until late in the evening. F and I find it difficult to feel 100% happy since the risk of having a miscarriage is still quite high. Slowly as the weeks pass by we're hoping that everything is going to be fine. I've only shared the news with my closest friend.
Week 12: We have an appointment for an early baby scan, it shows that I'm actually carriying a baby (one can't be too sure ;)) and everything looks fine. Seeing the heart beat is overwhelming - we're so happy! After the scan we decide to tell our parents - they couldn't be happier for us.
Week 14: I'm telling my colleagues about my big adventure.
Week 16: I can feel the baby's first movements, it feels like a butterfly is living inside of me :)
Week 18: Time for the second scan and we get to see our baby again. Everything looks just as it should and we walk out of there so excited. We know the gender of our baby now ;)
Week 20: half way there ;)
Week 21: The kicking is becoming more frequent and distinct. My belly is growing and I'm putting on weight.
Week 23: F can feel the movements for the first time, it's so cool!
Week 24: We have our first appointment with the midwife since the registration in week 10. Everything is just as it should be and we get to listen to the baby's heart beat again.
Week 25: This is where I am now and I'm happier and feeling better than ever. I'm getting more and more excited about our new family member and can't wait to see the little miracle!

måndag 9 juli 2012

Sunny day

Today has been a lovely day and I've even been sunbathing for a couple of hours. Had a healthy lunch - I made a simple fruit salad that I had with vanilla kesella and some sunflower seeds. Now I'm on my way in to town to meet up with Johanna for a catch up :)

söndag 8 juli 2012

Coffee break in Vallentuna

Today we spent the afternoon with Kim, Lisa and the kids. The kids were in a great mood and we got to catch up with Kim and Lisa :) My brother was also there - I love days like these!

lördag 7 juli 2012

Strawberries and happiness

No summer without strawberries. We celebrated that we're on vacation last night with strawberries, we had strawberries for breakfast this morning and went to F's mam this afternoon to enjoy some strawberries with cream and ice cream ;) It has been really hot today and we have just been taking it easy. For dinner we went to Bon Coin to enjoy some lovely galettes, it's a creperie at Stora Essingen. Now I'm lying on the couch watching Adele's concert at the Royal Albert Hall that they're showing on SVT2. My baby is kicking away and I'm looking at and feeling the movements feeling so happy and blessed!

fredag 6 juli 2012


Finally I've worked my last day before my summer holidays, I'm now on vacation for four weeks and I'm not back in work until 6th of August :) We don't have that much planned, but I'm surely gonna rest, read books, sunbathe (the weather has to be good), visit friends in Dublin, do some scrapbooking, enjoy lovely food, go to Åland and spend some quality time with my baby(ies) ❤

tisdag 3 juli 2012

Agnes - One Last Time

Love this song by Agnes!!!

måndag 2 juli 2012

Sushi and girl talk

Saturday myself and Maria met up in the afternoon to go to the driving range to practice our golf swing. The weather wasn't great on Saturday morning but later on in the afternoon the sun came out and it was actually really warm. We met our instructor up there, he's always saying hi and cheering us on :)

After a while we felt we were done so we walked up to Brommaplan to buy an ice cream that we had outside in the sun. Then we went to get some sushi and I ordered californian rolls that were gorgeous. They had put some mayonaise on top of the rolls and it was yum!

We spent the evening in Maria's couch and talked about all and nothing, we don't get quality time with each other that often anymore so it was really nice to catch up properly. I had a lovely weekend but as always it was too short!!